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Instagram is a popular photo sharing and video social platform. Just like Facebook and Twitter, you have to create an account before you can use it. In every Instagram account, there are two main features which include a profile and a news feed like every other social media platform.

instagram sign up log in

The social app came into limelight in 2012 when it became the most downloaded photo sharing app on the IOS app store. Instagram even shot above facebook, and since then everybody has come to love this photo app.

Who uses this app?

Almost every photo lovers use Instagram. Mostly used by youths for sharing photos with their friends, corporate bodies also use it for advertising their products and services. Not forgetting Celebrities, so that their fans can keep up with their trending activities. These popular figures or celebrities even go as far as hiring people to manage their accounts. That’s just how popular and useful Instagram is.

Instagram is very much similar to twitter but the difference there is; unlike twitter that involves mostly text, Instagram is just for pictures and videos. And you can tell a great story using pictures or videos on Instagram.

How it Works

To get the app and running, you must create an account on Instagram. After creating an account, you will be provided with a news feed.

When you post pictures or videos, people following you will be able to see it. So also, when people post as well you will be able to see it if you are following them. Very much similar to Facebook except that they may not be your friends like it is on Facebook. You can just about follow anybody to see their updates and their post on Instagram.

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You can also choose to like peoples post, comment or even interact with them if they allow it.

Instagram supported Devices

Instagram is available for IOS and Android Devices and can be accessed via tablet or mobile phones. It can also be accessed from the web via a computer but the interface and simplicity are no better than the apps on device platforms.

Instagram Sign Up | Creating an Account on Instagram

Before you can start using Instagram, the app will require you sign up or create an account. You can do sign up via your Facebook account ( since they are both linked) or you can sign up via an email. It will require you input a username and a password. You may have to verify the account creation from your email. After that is done, you can start to use the app.

It is recommended you set up your profile so that people that know you can find you or reach out to you. The profile includes a profile picture, username and a description of your self. Instagram may also recommend people to follow which is gotten from your facebook page.

Instagram Sign In | Instagram Log in

If you have created an account and have set up your account, all that is required is to log in. To log in, simply provide the username and password you used during account creation. Once you are logged in once, it may not be required you provide this details again, except if you are logging in from another device.

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