Apple Shazam – Apple has Acquired Shazam

The news in the last hour is that the popular US company (Apple) has bought the music app (Shazam). In a series of statements, Apple confirmed to several media outlets that it will buy Shazam, and that deal seems to have happened. Although the price has not been totally confirmed, there is a rumor that the deal cost around $400 million, which is on the low side compared to Shazam former evaluation of almost a billion dollar. This deal is one of Apples most expensive turnover till date.

apple acquires shazam

About Shazam

Shazam is arguably one of the best music recognition app. At the click of the Shazam button, it will begin to identify whatever song is playing in the environment. The app has become so popular that there is even a network TV game show titled “Beat Shazam” which is hosted by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. In the show, contestants must guess a playing song faster than Shazam.

Shazam also has other features which the owners have invested heavily upon. They include TV viewing features, image recognition, and augmented reality services and products. The technology behind Shazam could be one of the key reasons why Apple has decided to buy it. Not forgetting the augmented reality, apple music and Siri which the Shazam could really improve upon.

Shazam already integrates well with Siri. You can ask Siri “What song is this?” and Siri will make a quick sync and search online and give you an accurate answer on the song that is playing. This will include the artiste name along with a buy button from the Apple music/iTunes.

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Why is Apple buying Shazam?

Now it all comes down to one question on everybody’s mind; why is apple buying Shazam? Just like we’ve learned, Shazam features lots of features; augmented reality, identifying playing songs e.t.c. this might improve the features and performance of Apples product and services, especially its musical products.

Furthermore, the acquisition of Shazam by Apple is probably more than just its music recognition feature. There is also the augmented reality features that allow brands to serve up customized ads and transaction features to users who use the app on visual. This could help Apple further monetize their services. Apple’s Tim Cook has seemingly made it very clear that augmented reality is to be one of Apple’s biggest area of growth and investment.

Finally, this update is coming now probably because of the newly released iPhone 8 and iPhone X. These phones hardware and software are built with Augmented Reality in mind.

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